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Flight support

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Ground Handling arrangements in international and domestic airports of Russia and CIS

Sky Atlas's Flight Support Department is ready to arrange any ground handling and flight support request in Russia and CIS.

Our English speaking team is composed of qualified dispatch officers and certified navigators. They will assist you in obtaining overflight permits, airport slots and any other clearances that are mandatory for planned flights in Russia and CIS.

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VIP Terminal services

Sky Atlas provides preimum-class terminal services at any airports for passengers and crew. 

For international flights, our team will support you with all the needed immigration and customs related procedures.

Our company's level of quality control guarantees the highest standards of aviation safety and security.

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Landing and overflight permits clearance

SkyAtlas will help you to obtain landing and overflight permits in Russia and CIS for any flight category and aircraft type. Knowing all the cobwebs and nuances of Russian aviation law, rules and regulation, we guarantee a quick and effective solutions.

We also arrange flight slots with airports and state air traffic control.

You can always rely on our team!


Fuel uplift and de-icing

Sky Atlas provides fuel services in partnership with major fuel companies in Russia. We ensure uninterrupted and quick fuelling of aircraft with certified aviation fuels, taking into account the requirements of international standards.

Direct contracts with aviation fuel companies give us the opportunity to provide the fuel uplift with competitive prices.

Russian winters involves a significant need for anti/de-icing services. Our company ensure a time-effective de-icing service at the best price.

For quotation, please contact us and send a request with the list of services you need.